Top qualities: Expert, On Time, Creative.
— Bruce Buttles, VP e-Business Development, TIAA-CREF

KC Software did a fantastic job setting us up with a working website in an unbelievably short amount of time. William’s in depth knowledge of online tools helped us assess traffic patterns allowing us to make better decisions. The cost and extent of services provided can’t be beat. Great service–definitely the best deal available.
— Jeffrey D. Robinson, Chairperson, Charlotte Legacy Event

William’s ability to craft deeply technical solutions while making them deceptively accessible and maintainable is amazing. He is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to bring technology to the masses. His sense of what is critical and vibrant in the marketplace is keen and he uses this to drive excitement in his teams while keeping a firm grasp on life values and enjoying work
— Larry Spangler, Prof. Services Manager, Apple, Inc.

… His role in working with Mosaic was not only instrumental it was critical in the overall execution and completion of the project…
— Dustin Ledo, Principal, Bella Loren Wedding Fotografica/One Click Wedding

…William brings an entrepreneur’s spirit to the table, which was on full display as we worked out a deal to brand MyBidList for Taiwan and the community into in record time. I plan to work on more projects with William…
— Gus Adapon, Founder/Business Development,

William Wei is an innovative, resourceful person. The auction platform he developed, (, is a very useful tool. I found William to be a reliable, prompt, and steady person – exactly the kind of person you want working on a project with you…
— Anthony van Dyck, Partner, Forumosa Partners Group

Where most people crawl, William soars! He is one of the best problem solvers that I have worked with. His out-of-the-box approach to problem solving gives him a superior edge in the IT profession. His methodical diagnostic skills, superlative documentation and concise presentations are way above par…
— Subir Mukherjee, PMP, Director, TIAA-CREF

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